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Teaching privatesScheduling

Keep a teaching schedule for lessons you have set, you do not want to suffer double-booking hassles. It also helps the student keeping to your schedule. Wherever possible, offer lessons at the same time each week so all parties can arrange their schedules accordingly. Remember scheduling lessons may require family transportation, office space availability, etc. so try to keep schedules as regular as possible.

Career stepsBasic Steps For Career Advancement


Being the best at what you do is very important when it comes to career advancement, having the drive and ambition to reach your goals is also just as important. Advice in a person to become the best at anything he or she does is easier said than done, this article will provide you some useful pointers you can follow when you are trying to get a job, change your current career or simply become the best at anything you do.

-- Start Building up a Network of Friends

CC/Resume writing tipsWhat is the definition of a resume? A resume is a short document that summarizes your career objectives, professional working experiences and achievements, and educational background.

Basically, you will need to present your resume in a manner that will enhance your employability. Some tips and rules for writing resumes are:

The heading of the resume should contain the following informations:

CV/Resume Tips For A Great Resume

  • Make sure your resume is relevant to the company and/or job you're applying for or to. Tailor your CV or resume so it's clear you want to join them particularly. As interviewers, we don't like to think that ours is one of many jobs you're applying for and a standard CV or resume will tell us just this.
  • Keep it to two pages only. Put less relevant information in an appendix.
  • Get a friend or colleague to read the job advert and then your CV for only 20 seconds. Get them to tell you why you're a good match for the job. If they can't, start over. You need to make an impression very quickly so your CV or resume must be to the point and clearly laid out.

Land the right job!Is your resume generating disappointing results? Have you been sending your resume for positions that you know you are qualified for, but the phone remains silent? If so, you might want to check it and revise it against these ten common errors.

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